Complete Beginners Course


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Complete Beginners Course
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What this course covers:

 Back to Basics

In this course, you will learn how to work with an acrylic application method, choose the correct bead sizing and improve how to control the application with your acrylic brush.

Nail Tips & Acrylic Application

Safely bond Nail Extension Tips and how to prepare them for the acrylic overlay. Learn the industry technique to ration the perfect acrylic bead size every time to reduce excessive filing and lessen the time taken to complete a clients set.

Master the art of using a size 12 Nail Brush to effortlessly sculpt strong nails on both Acrylic Tips and Natural Nails.

Learn how to shape your nail tips into a variety of client favourites such as the the square, ballerina and coffin shape.

How to Professionally and Quickly File Nails

E-filing creates your desired shape and length in hardly any time. In this course you will learn how to correctly hold the E-file to reduce arm strain and how to control the speed and direction of the E-file to guarantee perfect results.

How to select your drill bit

Sasha will guide you to learn the different between the variety of drill bits and how they provide a different finish or removal process.

How to Apply Gel Polish Flawlessly

There’s an art to applying gel polish to avoid wrinkles, smudges and polish coats that dry quickly. 

Application on different nail types

In this course you will learn the skills to confidently apply gel polish to both natural nails and acrylic nails.

How to Professionally care for Toe Nails and Feet

A Pedicure is a popular beauty request in any popular salon. In this course you will learn how to correctly push back the cuticles, how to cut, file and polish nails to look natural.

Learn how to remove dead skin from the feet and how to soften any hard skin without causing any discomfort to your client.

You will also learn how to recognise any nail or skin problems / diseases and how to help your client correct this will ongoing care.


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