You’re  appointments and convenience are of high importance to us. We realise that at times unexpected circumstances may require schedule adjustments. If you need to cancel an appointment, we respectfully require that you provide at least 48h notice.

We ask you to realise that when you forget your appointment or fail to cancel with enough notice in advance, we miss out on an opportunity to fill that time slot, and our standby clients miss the chance to receive our services.

Since we realise that it is easy to forget an appointment made months in advance, all our appointments are confirmed 24h hours in advance. Reminder email is send out to each client before their appointment 

Our Policy:

1.A cancellation or request to reschedule made less than 48h (working hours only Mon-Fri) in advance will invoke a cancellation fee Full payment of the booked appointment .If client refuses to provide us with full payment therefore client will be refused to book with us again or will be charged the outstanding balance on appointment in the future!

2.Should you arrive more than 15min  late for your appointment, we cannot guarantee that we will provide the service. If we cannot accommodate you, the same cancellation fee will be charged. We will try our best to  still see you ,but you might have to choose a simple design or 1 colour.

3.“No show” will likewise be charged 100% of the booked service price.

4. Multiple services not canceled at least 24 hours prior to the appointment will be charged 100% of the reserved services’ cost.

We understand your time is valuable. And so is ours. Out of respect for our staff and clients we cannot be late for our appointments. 

Cancellations made via email are not accepted , email address is not monitored please do not contact us by email . If you need to contact us please call 07843492024

Thank you for viewing and supporting our cancellation terms and conditions.